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How to Get a Modeling Agent | Modeling

Published on 02 Sep 2020 / In Contests

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The first step of actually finding out what an agency is, what an agency does, any agent in any city looks at pictures of kids who want to be a model who have never been a model before. Anyone will look at your picture. All they're asking for is for you to send your height, your measurements, your shoe size, your age, your hair color, maybe a little bit about yourself and some digitals. That's really the first requirement.

You can send those to anyone, any agency, anywhere in the world. I get emails everyday. Everybody is looking. You can find, whether it's a scout in your hometown, whether it's a big agency in New York. Send them to anybody. If somebody is interested, they're going to call you. Don't be upset if they don't call you, and don't think that you don't have what it takes if they don't respond. They're busy. They get bombarded.

If you're an agency in New York, you probably get maybe 50 to 75 aspiring model requests everyday if you're in a big agency that everybody knows. There's no way they're going to respond to all those people and tell you what you need to do next. They're not going to tell you you need to lose weight, you need to gain weight, you need to wait until you grow. You're not going to get that advice.

You send them to someone like me, and I'm going to tell you those things, because my vested interest is that you're going to get an agent. That's what I do. That's a little bit different, but you, in order to get an agent, you need to be seen by an agent, and the methods of doing that are different. Through an in between person like me, can be the person that makes the introduction, or you can send them directly. There's so many times that a model has sent pictures directly. They've gotten a phone call. They've gotten on a plane to go and meet the agent. The agent signs them, and that's how it all starts.

The effort comes from you, your desire, you want to do it. You can meet the agent if you've got what the agent is looking for. There's not so much PR where they're going to answer you. I think that a lot of people get discouraged. It's like, "Oh I sent my three digital pictures, and they didn't answer me so maybe I'm never going to be a model." That's not necessarily true.

You have to really evaluate. Maybe you're 13 and 5' 7", but maybe you have a size 9 shoe. Your parents are tall, and your older brothers and sisters are tall so maybe you just tried too soon. Maybe you didn't know, and you put on a lot of makeup when you took the pictures, because you wanted to look your best, and you wanted to look pretty. You didn't understand.

Really, more important than anything is at some point you have to take no for an answer because somebody is going to tell you it is the right time. You are the right age. You are the height, and you're just not good at modeling. Okay, that's fine. Before that point comes, you don't always get all the information.

Sometimes you try things and it's not your moment. It's just like a singing contest. There's people that go in singing contests that are singing in bands that they actually get paid to be singers, but they haven't reached the pinnacle point.

They go on a contest like "The Voice" or "American Idol," whatever. It's that moment that things actually start. That's because they're being seen by the right people at the right time. Everything just goes into perfect line for them at that moment.

That's what you want. That's what happens in all kinds of talent, whether it's sports, music, acting, modeling. It's that alignment of everything in place that makes it happen.

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