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Are There Too Many Blogs? Why Neil Patel's Theory Does Not Add Up...

Published on 02 Sep 2020 / In Models & Blogs

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Neil Patel is a well known internet marketer. He has great content. However, he often says something I can't agree with… Here are some quotes from the video I am referring to (linked below):
- "There's over a billion blogs on the internet. Should you even waste your time with blogging?”
- “[…] I know there's too much content on the web.”
- "Just think about the basic math if there's over a billion blogs and let's say there's 7 billion people, roughly, in this world, there's one blog every seven people that's too many blogs.”

This logic does not make sense. And this is not the only video where he correlates the number of blogs with the number of people in the world... There are actually multiple videos on his channel where he talks about the number of blogs on the internet and says there are too many of them…

According to Mashable in 2010, there were 129,864,880 books in the world. That's roughly 18 books per person - who cares? Have you ever gone to the library and thought to yourself, “Hey, there are too may books here!” Probably not! Should there only be a 1:1 ratio of books per person? No!

Because there will always be a need for written content. There will always be new information to share, a new author, a new perspective, a better way of presenting the information, a new way people will consume that information - there will be ways to outrank the competition. And this also applies to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There will always be space for better, more relevant content. One may rightfully argue however, that there are too many low quality books out there, like there are many low quality blogs, although, that creates more opportunity to outrank the competition! But I digress.

However, blogging will probably continue to deeply evolve like it has over the past 10+ years, the key is to adapt. Ways you can do this include:
- Building a brand
- Diversifying your sources of traffic
- Working on owning your audience (memberships, emails...)
- Creating multi-media formats of your content (video, text, audio...) and embed them to your blog
- Being present on the platforms where your audience is consuming content (podcasts, YouTube...)
- Writing better, higher quality, more helpful, more relevant content following the Project 24 method
- *Adapting to change*

Keep in mind blogging alone is not a business model in and of itself, otherwise how would you make money? Blogging, in most cases, is just used as an internet marketing SEO strategy. Monetization is the key. Keep an eye on what your audience wants, how they want to consume that information and of course, how you monetize that audience. And of course, always adapt to change.

In the video above, I support my theory on why I believe there are not "too many blogs" on the internet, and how you can use the Project 24 methodology to generate a sustainable source of traffic to your blog! Project 24 also helps its members continue to create relevant, monetized, useful content for their audiences so they can adapt to the changes that are inevitable the world of internet marketing.

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Watch Neil's Video Here

Mashable Article Reference for Number of Books

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