Welcome to Chocolate Crushes

Read to find out what its all about and what you need to do.

Welcome to Chocolate Crushes. This platform was designed for you to make the right connections while branding yourselves. Please make sure the first video you produce is a free introduction of yourself and or agency. The better the video, the more exposure. Please be sure to select the appropriate category when posting.

Use this platform to keep your fellow models, fans and agency abreast to what you got going on. Sell your most popular videos for 95% commissions. Share and buy from others. Always share videos on outside platforms, including social media to boost more exposure and sells for yourself and promote our site. 

Agencies looking for the right talent, please keep the relationships professional as it will boost your agency reputation. Models, we do not verify agencies. Please conduct your own research on the agency you plan to work with.

Those seeking to promote events, you will get a better response by posting atleast 30 days prior. Those promoting gigs please specify the period in which you're seeking to fulfil the contract and then delete videos when that gig has been filled.

Photographers wishing to join please create videos under the agency category.

PR & Bloggers please utilize the blog and news category for uploading videos.

This is a public site. Non agency, non models, and any other video uploaded not in sync with the strategy of this platform will be deleted.

For special advertising campaigns please send an email to for packages and prices.

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